Frozen Frenzy

I LOVE Frozen Yogurt and there’s been a lot of frozen yogurt bars popping up all over the city. Frozen yogurt is a great alternative to ice cream since there are some great health benefits – the yogurt is a great source of calcium, contains probiotic cultures, fat free, has low cholesterol & sodium and is a good source of vitamin B2. Some of the yogurt is even gluten free and kosher!

Of course you can sweeten up your yogurt by adding various sweet toppings from the vast selection at the toppings bar.

Let’s look at some local yogurt bars…


The international chain has arrived in Vancouver! This yogurt bar is full service where servers behind the bar will prepare your yogurt concoction. You pay for the size of the serving and you get as many toppings as the cup will hold. I love Pinkberry’s green tea and mango flavours topped with mochi and popping bobas. Only located at Metrotown and Park Royal, you may have to trek out if you’re craving Pinkberry.

Metrotown and Park Royal Mall
Pinkberry on Urbanspoon


A proudly Canadian company, Qoola is a self-serve yogurt bar where your yogurt masterpiece is charged by the weight. The Qoola bar has ten flavours at any one time and their topping bar is also much larger than Pinkberry. My personal favourite mix is the raspberry, mango and original yogurt topped with mochi, lychee boba and fresh raspberries. The only hazard with going to Qoola is that you can get pretty carried away with the boundless choices and the price of your yogurt can be pretty steep.

Metrotown, Oakridge Mall and Aberdeen Centre.
Qoola Frozen Yogurt + Fruit (Metrotown) on Urbanspoon


An international franchise, I first encountered Menchie’s in Seattle and was delighted to see it pop up on Cambie Street back home. The concept at Menchie’s is similar to Qoola where your yogurt is charged by the weight. Menchie’s also has a my smileage club where you’ll get points with every yogurt purchase.

Vancouver (Cambie Street), UBC and Morgan’s Crossing in Surrey.
Menchie's Frozen Yogurt on Urbanspoon

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