I’m a “fan”!

The girls and I went to Pork Belly Beer House for a night of AYCE pork belly. I was intrigued with this Korean delicacy that was much like the Chinese Peking duck dish – cooked pork belly wrapped in lettuce with kimchee, mushrooms and garlic.

The Pork Belly Beer House only serves this dish and a beef alternative. For $10, each person gets 200 grams of pork belly and beef, rice, Korean side dishes with one refill. If the 200 grams isn’t enough for you, you have the option to upgrade to the AYCE for $15 per person. The girls and I aren’t pigs, but the meat and side dishes were so flavourful that we ended up upgrading to the AYCE quite quickly. Unlike the Chinese Peking duck dish where the pancakes can get quite filling, the Korean pork belly meal can be really deceitful to the stomach since all you’re basically eating is protein and lettuce.

Cooked over the normal Korean bbq plate, the pork belly and beef cooked to a juicy texture. We put the garlic, peppers and mushrooms all around to soak up the tasty drippings. Order a bottle (or two) of Soju to go with the meal to counter-balance all that juicy meat.

Service is minimal but you definitely don’t come here for it. And don’t be put off by the decor – I’ve seen a lot worse in terms of interior decorating. Just make sure you watch where your head is – the dangling electrical cords from the vast amount of fans is a common theme at the Pork Belly Beer House.

841 Bidwell Street, Vancouver
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