Releasing my inner pirate

It was Pirate Pak Day last Wednesday so hubby and I released our inner pirate at White Spot.

For one day a year, White Spot creates Pirate Paks for adults. The adult Pirate Paks come with a choice of the Legendary Burger, the BC Burger, BC Chicken Burger or Portobello Provolone Veggie Burger along with the unlimited fries, drink, ice cream…and the trademark chocolate coin!

Hubby had the BC Burger and I had the Portobello. Moist meat with cheese and the tasty Triple O sauce sandwiched between the soft and fresh buns. The adult version burgers were just as good as the simple kids versions and they took us back to those days when we sat in the backseat of the car with the White Spot take out trays. Service was a bit slow but considering the long wait for this special day, the servers were not to be faulted.

Pirate Pak Day wasn’t just a benefit for the patrons – for every Pirate Pak sold (kids and adults), White Spot donated $2 to the Zajac Ranch for Children, a charity that gives children and teens with illnesses and disabilities a summer camp experience.

This year was a record-breaking year with over $50,000 raised!

Thank you White Spot for letting me re-live some great childhood memories.

4129 Lougheed Hwy, Burnaby BC
White Spot (Lougheed Hwy) on Urbanspoon

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