An overdue visit

The brunch at Milestones has been a classic Vancouver staple which is probably why I haven’t returned in so long. With so many new “it” eateries, the Milestones brunch faded into the background. I was craving brunch but didn’t want to wait in line so hubby and I paid Milestones an overdue return visit.

A feeling of nostalgia washed over me as I walked through the aisles to my booth. The brunch menu seems smaller than what I remember but hubby and I had no problem choosing our orders.

Prime Rib Hash
Thinly sliced prime rib cooked with peppers, onions and roasted corn and potato hash all topped with two perfectly-poached eggs and rich hollandaise sauce. This dish is still as good as it used to be. The Milestones poached eggs are always perfectly poached and mixed with the flavourful prime rib hash, this dish is not hard to finish!

Californian Omelette
I’ve always found the Milestones omelettes so visually appealing but somewhat lacking in flavour. The Californian sounded flavourful with bacon, avocado salsa, tomatoes and cheddar cheese – but the flavour fell slightly flat and the eggs a not the fluffy consistency that I desire in an omelette.

The Milestones prime rib hash is still one of their best dishes with the bold flavours and rich eggs – at $13.99 the meal still rivals many of the new breakfast hangouts throughout the city. Next time I’ll pass on the omelette and just stick with the hash or the class benny.

1145 Robson Street, Vancouver

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