Consistent French

A while back, hubby and I wanted some comfort French food and decided to try Bistro Pastis on West 4th. We love French food but had yet to try this classic eatery.

We were promptly greeted by a friendly server as we walked into the warm and cozy restaurant. As we perused through the menu, I immediately honed into my usual go-to dish – Les Moules Marinieres.

These large, juicy mussels were so fresh and the white wine/shallot sauce didn’t overpower that freshness. The pomme frites that came with the dish were crispy and soaked up the yummy sauce just perfectly.

I’m a sucker for unique dishes made with different parts of the animal so we tried the Les Ris de Veau et sa Remoulade – Pan Seared Sweetbreads

These pan seared thymus glands were slightly crispy on the outside yet soft and tender on the inside. I loved the deep richness in the sweetbreads and the bacon chips added a good crispy balance to the soft sweetbreads.

For entrees, I had the Bouillabaisse

…with fresh mussels, fish and prawns in a light tomato broth.

Hubby had the Steak Frites
…a nicely grilled New York steak in a rich peppercorn sauce which was all lapped up with the tender steak and accompanying pomme frites.

To end off the satisfying meal, we shared a bright orange brulee served on top of a crunchy tart.

We were overall very pleased with our dining experience at Bistro Pastis. Don’t come here if you’re looking for that modern, innovative experience as Bistro Pastis provides a traditional French experience. If you want to devour class French fare prepared with rich consistency, than Bistro Pastis is definitely worth the visit.

2153 W 4th Avenue, Vancouver
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