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After working in the North Shore for over a decade, I’ve tried lunch menus at many different restaurants. Yohachi Sushi is one of my favourite lunch spots. They have a great lunch menu, service is always friendly and the quality of the food is excellent.

Let’s highlight four of my favourite dishes:

Chicken Karaage

These juicy morsels are boneless and tasty. Yohachi’s take on this dish includes a little bit of seasoning and black sesame seeds that take this dish up a notch.

Nabeyaki Udon

My “usual” and favourite lunch dish at Yohachi. The broth is so flavourful and the udon noodles are perfectly tender. I love dipping the tempura into the broth prior to devouring!

Grilled Fish Lunch

My other “usual” lunch dish. Two moist pieces of grilled mackerel with a bowl of rice, salad and three pieces of fresh sashimi. I love to press the fish into the rice, allowing the natural saltiness of the fish to seep into the rice.

Summer Ramen

A seasonal dish that I look forward to every summer. This dry ramen dish is served on top of a sweet soy sauce which is mixed with shrimp, and a julienne of egg, carrots, ham and seaweed. It’s an incredibly fresh and satisfying dish and I’m always sad when winter comes rolling around.

I highly recommend the lunch menu at Yohachi. I’ve never tried the dinner here but if it’s anything like the lunch experience, it’s well worth the visit.

171 W Esplanade, North Vancouver
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