Fresh seafood feast

Most people in the Pacific Northwest knows that the Pike Place Market in Seattle is busy all year round. Rain, snow, sleet or shine, the market is bustling with tourists and locals.

The best thing about visiting Pike Market in the winter is that you can actually find a seat at Jack’s Fish Spot. Mary and I were craving fresh seafood and so we decided to feast at Jack’s Fish Spot.

Clam Chowder

Cold rainy weather calls for warm creamy soup. The clam chowder was smooth and tasty. There could have been some more clams in the soup but overall this was a good starter.

Mussel and Clam Steamer

If you don’t know me by now, I love my shellfish. And these clams and mussels did not disappoint. The clams and mussels were fresh and juicy, simply steamed, and accompanied with melted butter for dipping.

Steamed Live Dungeness Crab

Mary’s favourite – crab. She basically devoured this whole thing herself and she was immensely pleased with the freshness of the crab.

Deep Fried Trout

A daily special – a fresh deep-fried trout served with tarter sauce and fresh lemons. The fish was meaty and perfectly fried. The whole fish was basically edible and delicious! I must admit my disappointment that Jack’s doesn’t make their own tarter sauce. This was the only part that took away from this meal.

All of these items resulted in a bill less than $50. Each item was fresh, meaty and very tasty. With the slower crowd, the guys behind the bar even took some time to chat with us which was a fun bonus.

I’m not naive in thinking Jack’s Fish Spot will always be this easily accessible but for the fresh quality in their food, I’m more than willing to line up once spring and summer hits.

1514 Pike Place, Seattle
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