Neighbourhood Amore

You’ll often see the regular lunch patrons at Pasta Amore – this neighbourhood Italian staple has been serving the local businesses for years. The regulars know to get to Pasta Amore before the lunch rush – arrive late and the pasta lunch specials are usually sold out.

Pasta Amore is also open for dinner and the dinner fare doesn’t disappoint.

Steamed Mussels
We started with a plate of steamed mussels. It was a good sized portion of mussels in a spicy tomato sauce. We normally prefer larger juicer mussels so these mussels were a bit small for our liking. The tomato sauce was tasty and there was more than enough to lap up with the focaccia bread served with the dish.

Prosciutto Crudo Pizza
Fresh pizza is a local craze right now and we were pleasantly surprised. Thin chewy bottom with a crispy crust. Large slices of prosciutto and fresh tomato sauce on top.

Penne Boscaiola & Linguine Tiger Prawns
The very reason why Pasta Amore lunches are so popular – their pasta dishes are fabulous. The Penne Boscaiola is creamy and the smoky bacon cuts through the creaminess just perfectly. The Linguine Tiger Prawns was light and the fresh prawns and herbs complimented the perfect al dente linguine. The portions at Pasta Amore are perfect for a satisfying meal unlike other restaurants where quantity trumps over quality.

Homemade Tiramisu
The Homemade Tiramisu sells out all the time so I always make a point to reserve one right when we arrive. Light as a cloud, I could eat more than one of these!

Pasta Amore’s location is in a business district of Burnaby so evening diners will miss this restaurant unless you purposely look for it. If you want fabulous tasting pasta, this is the place to go. And say hi to Israel, the long-time server – his outstanding service will make you feel at home.

4502 Dawson Street, Burnaby
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