Happy Hour makes me happy

I love to eat and I love to eat even more when there are specials. Hubby likes a good steak and Ruth’s Chris in Bellevue serves a pretty good steak with the the crackling butter melting on the hot serving dish. But those who know Ruth’s Chris also knows that a meal at this well-known establishment could set you back a pretty penny. For anyone wanting to dine at Ruth’s Chris for a fraction of the usual price, I highly recommend their Prime Hour.

Served every day during off peak hours, you won’t see a juicy steak on the Prime Hour menu – but you can still get some pretty tasty items.

The $3.95 Prime Broiled Cheese Burger with Fries is hit amongst Prime Hour diners. Cooked to order, you can’t find a juicier burger for this price!

The Thai Drumettes are are meaty and packed full of tangy flavour.

The subtle coconut flavour in the Coconut Shrimp pairs really nicely with the buttery and marmalade sauce.

And have some veggies with your meal with a crisp Caesar Salad, dressed perfectly with a garlic-packed Caesar dressing.

Wash it all down with a $2.95 pint or $3.95 cocktail like the Lemon Drop.

Make sure you get there a little early since reservations are not accepted for Prime Hour.

565 Bellevue Square, Bellevue
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