Another stop to Tom Douglas block

After a scrumptious experience at the Dahlia Bakery and Serious Pie, my next stop on the Tom Douglas tour was Lola. Located across the street on 4th Avenue, you can’t miss Lola with the packed patio crowd during the summer months and the packed crowd inside all year round.

Well known for the Mediterranean-influenced cuisine with local ingredients, Lola is Tom Douglas’ tribute to his mother-in-law. We first started with a glass of the house red, specially made just for Lola. Then the gorging began.

As recommended by our server, we shared a dish from each section of the menu.

Lola Spread – Kopanisti

We had such a hard time choosing a spread because they all sounded so good. We finally chose the Kopanisti based on our server’s recommendation. The spread was creamy while the crushed pistachio added some crunchy texture. Spread on top of warm freshly griddled pita, the spread was so rich and creamy that I could have ordered another!

Meze – Octopus, pork belly, skordalia, delicata

The octopus was meaty and absorbed the deep flavours from the fatty pork belly and grilled vegetables. Make sure to mix the dish up so that the creamy sauce on the bottom coats every inch of this dish!

Tagine – Cumin braised goat

Another rich dish. The cumin-braised goat melted in our mouths from the slow braise. The parsnip and mustard greens cut into the richness of the goat. We ordered extra pita bread to go with this dish.

Vegetable – Green beans

With all the deep and rich dishes, the green beans were our token vegetable dish! Simply but perfectly prepared, the green beans were a welcome side dish next to our goat entree.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Lola. The house wine and spreads cannot be missed at this establishment. Our appetites wouldn’t allow us to try the kebabs so I know that we will be back for another dinner. I hear their brunch is also amazing so that already makes another two return visits!

2000 4th Avenue, Seattle
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