The golden age? It’s getting there…

I was highly anticipating my Dine Out visit to the Glowbal Group’s newest addition, Black and Blue Steakhouse. Located at what used to be Town Hall and Saltlik, I was beginning to think that the location was cursed and no establishment would succeed.

I was immediately blown away with the interior transformation. The sleek and sexy decor made meforget about the bland and generic decor from Town Hall. The large bar situated in the centre of the restaurant included seating all around and reminded me of the bar right next door at Coast. The centrepiece was obviously the impressive meat fridge at the back of the restaurant, housing the finest cuts of meat.

1st Course: Bacon ‘n’ Eggs & Tuna Carpaccio

If you can’t tell, the tuna carpaccio is so thin you can see the dish right through the fish; however, that didn’t take away from the vibrant flavours packed into the thin slices of fish. The grated horseradish gave the tuna this slight kick and the truffle aioli was fragrant and creamy.
The Bacon ‘n’ Eggs was interesting – the thick cut square piece of bacon was packed with flavour and the spicy maple syrup added a nice sweetness to the fatty bacon. I could have done without the scrambled (the menu said fried?) eggs and toast although I get that the concept of a breakfast appy would have been lost.

2nd Course: Angus Tenderloin & Roasted Sablefish

Wow – the tenderloin looked good at first glance! And it only got better from there. The tenderloin was extremely tender and perfectly cooked. The light snow crab bearnaise sauce was so tasty that the generous portion of carrots came in handy for lapping!
The sablefish was also prepared very well with a really tasty au poivre sauce. I was however slightly disappointed with the portion as it seemed a bit small, especially compared to the tenderloin.

3rd Course: Classic Creme Caramel (with an espresso shot for me!)

The dessert as just as it stated – classic! A tad bit on the sweet side but my espresso shot remedied that just fine!

Overall hubby and I were incredibly impressed with our experience at Black and Blue. Normally we don’t expect too much out of a Dine Out dinner because many restaurants focus more on pushing out plates and customers over service and quality of the food; however, our Black and Blue server was excellent and the food was impressive! We will definitely be returning!

1032 Alberni Street, Vancouver
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