Quench my addiction

So I’ve been putting in crazy hours at work the last couple of weeks and my pearl tea intake has increased dramatically. What’s the relation between my work and pearl tea? Good question – I have absolutely no idea. All I know is that I keep thinking about the chewy sweet pearls in a refreshing cup of tea made by the the guys and gals at Pearl Drops Teahouse.

The great thing about Pearl Drops Teahouse is that their teas are made of the most natural ingredients – sugared powders are avoided whenever possible. My personal favourites are the iced kiragane lime, strawberry lemon black tea, and my absolute favourite, the matcha latte with pearls. Hot or cold, the matcha latte is made with fresh-whipped matcha green tea powder. Order the matcha cheesecake to go with your pearl tea – the creamy dessert will go great with any tea.

More long work hours? No problem!

422 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby
Pearl Drops Teahouse on Urbanspoon

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